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Google Guarantee

Google Guaranteed for Local Business: A 2021 Update

The Google Guaranteed Badge

Many businesses are already using Google’s Local Services Ads to generate leads for their companies. When you sign up for it, you automatically become a Google Guaranteed business. You may have noticed a little green checkmark next to a listing. This little badge alerts the potential customers that this business is Google Guaranteed.

New York Roofers Local Listing Search Engine Results Page

Unlike Google Ads, which anyone can create, Local Services ads have a detailed application process. Google vets each service provider including a background check, license, and insurance check as well as a screening of your reviews and ratings. Service providers with a Google Guaranteed designation appear first in search results (higher than Google Ads).

On the customer side, the Google Guarantee is compelling. Often when searching for a plumber, HVAC, or locksmith service, they’re in a moment of need. A service booked through Google Local Services is “Google Guaranteed” for up to $2,000 money back if the customer is unhappy.

As more and more businesses encounter pay-to-play with what used to be non-paid media such as social media and SEO, Google Guaranteed will likely be a must-have in your marketing mix in competitive markets. It is also easy to see how this becomes a bigger part of Google voice.

How To Get Google Guaranteed

To get Google Guaranteed for your business is an easy 4-step process:

  1. Sign up for Google Local Service Ads. Local Services Ads help you connect with people who search on Google for the services you offer. Your ads will show up for customers in your area
Google Guarantee Sign Up Page Profile Creation
How to Set Up a Google Local Service Ads Campaign
  1.  Check if you’re qualified to get the badge by checking if your business is part of the list of eligible industries. Not all business types can get the badge, so make sure yours is on the list.  But don’t worry if it’s not there.  Google regularly updates the new industries that can qualify for the badge.
  1. Review all the information you have and start by verifying that your business license and insurance are up to date. Then check on your online reviews to make sure they show your business in a positive image.  Google performs a thorough background check on your business. It will check your business license, insurance, and online reviews, as well as look into the business owner, and sometimes the employees, as well.  If you think you have some things that don’t look good, work on those before applying for the badge.
Google Guarantee Local Listing Search Engine Results Page Plumbers nearby
The Google Guaranteed SERP Result is highly visible to consumers
  1. Submit your application for the Google Guaranteed badge, if you think you have everything in order. You may have to wait a while to get approval, as Google will have to verify your information.  But, once everything passes inspection, they’ll notify you and you’ll get your badge.
Google Guaranteed Badge White Background

Once you’ve got your Google Guaranteed badge set up, you have to maintain the same positive standards you had when you applied for the badge, if you don’t want it taken away.

How It Works

Google Guaranteed targets local businesses in the home services industry. Google Guaranteed designations appear first in search results, even higher than Google Ads.  You’ll likely see the Google Guaranteed badge in the following places:

  •  Local Search Ads These are usually in boxes and appear above regular PPC ads. They usually contain basic information like business name, phone number, hours, and star rating.

  • Google My Business – The badge can be spotted alongside the Google My Business profile in Google Maps results or local search packs.

Having a Google Guaranteed badge signifies that Google guarantees customer satisfaction. If a customer is dissatisfied with the quality of your work, Google will cover claims up to the job invoice amount, with a lifetime cap of $2,000. All claims must be submitted within 30 days of the service completion date.

Consumers need to fill out this Google Guaranteed form before their first appointment with a business, to activate the guarantee.  Google will take some time to investigate any complaints. It will ask you for information and allow you to make it up to the customer. In the event that Google deems the complaint to be valid, it may choose to reimburse that user.

If you’re still confused about Google Guaranteed and still have questions, call on Nextworks.io to help you work through Google’s Local Ad Service Ads application and get that Google Guaranteed Badge for your business.

FAQ & Helpful Resources

What is the cost for a business?

Google Guaranteed has a base fee of $50 per month, for an annual cost of $600. But, there are also costs for every lead. It’s different from pay-per-click. You only pay when a customer calls or connects to engage your services, not each time a customer clicks on an ad.  Depending on your market and industry, costs vary from $6 – $30, but is averaged to be around $25.00 per lead.

Is there a minimum period of time to be in the program?

There is no minimum period of keeping the Google Guaranteed Badge.  But, to keep it, you need to keep your business license and insurance up to date. Monitor your Google reviews to address any negative issues, and encourage reviews from satisfied customers.

Can I add pictures to my Google Guarantee listing?

Yes, you can add pictures to your listing.  The pictures on your Google Guaranteed profile have very specific sizing requirements.

Will our business be given a separate phone number?

You may use a Google Forwarding Number. This is a unique phone number provided by Google that you can use to track calls originating from your Google Ads campaigns.  It can be used by turning on call reporting in your account settings.  Getting a Google Forwarding Number is optional, but it helps in getting detailed reports about calls or messages generated from your ads.

How do I know if Google Guarantee is working?

You’ll be receiving an email from Google each time someone calls your business from the Google Guarantee ad, making tracking easy.  Even better, Google records the phone calls so that your company can actively train your call-takers and can also get the maximum ROI.  

We always advise clients to test any and all marketing options. What works for one company may not deliver the same results for another.  In order to successfully accomplish this, tracking all leads is critical in order to evaluate any marketing plan and return on investment.  

Here are a few sites to check out:


Having the Google Guaranteed badge allows your customers to spend money without having to worry about fraudulent or substandard services, knowing they have Google backing the quality.  It is a great source for lead generation and improved search result rankings for businesses.

It may be overwhelming to keep up with the new tools they come up with for Digital Marketing.  We can help you with that, as we have many years of paid search experience. If you would need us to set up Google Guarantee for your business, contact us today.

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