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Unify Google accounts, easily switch between all of your Gmail, Calendar & Drive accounts, with just one click! 
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This is a product we use every day. We have a lot of Google accounts, as most  people probably do. First, our work email is run through Google Apps for Business, then there is our personal Gmail account. There are also another account that we use to do white label work for that is also run through Google Apps for Business. It’s easy to get all the mail on our phone, but on desktop it’s not as easy. It requires having to login and logout of Gmail multiple times to get to various inboxes.

Shift saves us time every day, but mostly saves us from frustration. It pulls all our Gmail accounts, calendars and Google drives into a single interface. We can easily toggle between each Google account quickly to see the email for that account, the calendar, the drive, etc. No more logging out and logging back in via browser windows. With it, we can quickly see all my email for each account, send and receive with ease. The interface is the familiar Gmail interface so there was nothing new to learn.

This program saves time and frustration every day.

Manage Multiple Accounts
Switch between all of your Mail, Calendar & Drive accounts, with just one click!

Declutter your Desktop
Shift is a clean solution to the mess. Say goodbye to the multiple tab, logging-in-logging-out nightmare!

Enable Native Notifications
Customize native notifications, or auto-mute them when you’re in meetings!

The frustration of logging in and out of various Google Accounts is frustrating. Maybe it doesn’t take too long, but minutes ad up, especially if you just want to see if that one confirmation email came in. And if it hasn’t, repeating the process later. With Shift, that’s a thing of the past. All Google Accounts are accessible, all the time, with notifications from each one.

Shift Support

On one occasion, we did have to contact support. They had double charged my credit card by accident. A quick email to support and it was resolved quickly. I’ve not had to contact them outside of that, but I was impressed that they were able to respond within the day and get my issue resolved.

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